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Bear started in late 2016 by founder Ash who's passion for detailing and car care led to looking into unique formulations. With the first ideas of Bear being more of a hobby and something unique for personal use 6 products got launched in August 2016. After a number of friends in and out the trade using the range feedback started to grow and the thoughts of a potential brand started to grow.

the hard work then began looking at pushing the formulas and growing the range.

After nearly a year of the first 6 formulas in late 17 / early 18 we made some drastic changes. this included starting a complete fresh with the formulas as we felt we could increase the quality. After roughly another 6 months Bear was relaunched with new products and fresh formulas that you see advertised today.Bear as a brand and as people is based on some very simple morals. Easy to use no bull products. Products designed to work how we feel a quality product should work and service that keeps you happy from delivery to any questions we are always available. Designed for enthusiasts and detailers we are sure you will love our formulas and appreciate all the support that has been given and shown over the years.


Petrolhead Detailing

Unit 10 Saracen Way



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